Dynamic DNA Kit©

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You will hear gasps of awe and wonder as students twist and untwist this powerful model.

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Teaching Points

Sturdy, colorful pieces and magnets make it easy for students to snap, bend, twist, and interact as they build DNA. Thanks to our patented design innovations, the structure of this molecule is revealed to students through their own investigation. Truly a must have kit!

  • Construct individual nucleotides with nitrogenous bases, sugars, and phosphate groups.
  • Feel the hydrogen bonding of the A-T and G-C base pairs
  • Twist and unwind the double helix to set the stage for replication and transcription
  • Convert thymine to uracil

Additional pieces allow them to make ATP, consider epigenetics and gene expression, and much more.

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Included Materials

2 Dynamic DNA Kits© per case – Each kit contains:

  • Preassembled Sample Nucleotides
    • 1 G-C Nucleotide Pair
  • Parts for Assembling Other Nucleotides
    • 1 Pair of A-T Bases
    • 2 Sugars
    • 2 Phosphates
    • 1 Bag with 2 Red Caps & 2 White Caps

1 Base and Stand