Flow Of Genetic Information Kit©

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With three foundational concepts that students can model, this kit is a favorite in the classroom.

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Teaching Points

The Central Dogma of Biology makes sense when your students can make it happen right before their eyes. Don’t be surprised if someone blurts “Now I get it!” while using this kit. You can also purchase the Side Chain Expansion Pack or use the side chains from the Amino Acid Starter Kit© to add even more authenticity and connections!

  • Identify essential enzymes like helicase and polymerase
  • Model replication of the leading and lagging strands of DNA
  • Explore transcription as they copy one strand of DNA into mRNA using an RNA polymerase
  • Engage in translation/protein synthesis as they decode the mRNA into protein on the ribosome placemat
  • Reenact the different results of the Meselson and Stahl experiments

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Included Materials

3 Flow of Genetic Information Kits© per case – Each kit contains:

  • 1 DNA Replication placemat
  • 1 transcription placemat
  • 1 translation placemat
  • 2 DNA polymerase ovals
  • Sequence 1 replication and transcription map
  • Sequence 1 transcription and translation map
  • 9 tan tRNA molecules
  • 1 tan release factor
  • 11 white amino acids
  • Colored DNA round nucleotides
  • Gray DNA round nucleotides
  • Colored RNA square nucleotides