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Teaching Points

These colorful magnetic sodium chloride ion models are hard to resist! With this model, students will:

  • Discover the cubic nature of salt crystals
  • Explore how the positive sodium and negative chloride ions form electrostatic bonds
  • Examine the efficient lattice packing of the ions
  • Investigate high melting temperature, brittleness, and cleavage planes

This engaging model is a valuable companion to 3D Molecular Designs’ Water Kit©.

Find additional resources for this kit here: NaCl Lattice© Classroom Resources

Included Materials

6 NaCl 3x3x3 Lattices per case – Each contains:

  • 27 atoms, each ion has 6 embedded magnets to simulate ionic bonding

2 Water Cups per case – Each contains:

  • 12 water molecules
    • 1 sodium ion
    • 1 chlorine ion
    • 1 ethane core with 5 non-magnetic hydrogens
    • 1 hydroxyl group
    • 1 non-magnetic hydrogen with gray post