What can I check out from the library?

Scroll below to see the available kits.

In the past I checked out models that are not listed below. Can I still check them out?

Usually. Many are still available. On our request form, please describe the model you want in the comment section. Please note, we have changed technologies and are no longer 3-D printing plaster models. We are converting files to print models in a more durable plastic material. Watch for our announcement of our first three updated models in early spring! The plaster models were expensive, labor intensive and broke easily. We think you will be much happier with our new versions.

How long can I keep the kits or models?

If you teach in the Greater Milwaukee area – Jefferson, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington or Waukesha Counties — your check-out period is two weeks. We ask you to pick up and return kits at our office in downtown Milwaukee, 804 North, Milwaukee St., 4th Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Kits are currently packed in cases.

If you teach outside the Milwaukee area, your check-out period is three weeks. We will ship cases to you. Please, allow up to five days shipping each way.

Is there a charge for borrowing the cases?

You will pay shipping charges to return cases to us,  but at this time there is no charge for borrowing kits or models. We will pay charges to ship the cases to you.

How much is shipping?

Depending on where you teach, charges can range from $25 – $100. Please plan ahead for return shipping, because overnight shipping is very expensive! We are in the central U.S. and shipping to locations furthest away from us will be most expensive. Since we no longer add shipping fees onto purchased items shipped within the U.S., it could be cost-effective for you to purchase rather than borrow kits.

How do I request a case?

Please click here and complete the request form. Kits and models may not be available for the dates you request. Our staff will assist you with identifying other dates.

Can I request more than one case at a time?

Yes, you can request up to three cases at one time.

Where do I find instructions for the kit?

Whether you are purchasing or borrowing, go to 3dmoleculardesigns.com and click on the Classroom Resources tab. You’ll find our free teacher notes, student handouts and other resources.

If I teach in Canada or another country, can I use the 3DMD Lending Library?

No. Since shipping to Canada or other countries are higher, we do not ship cases outside the U.S. In addition, when returning cases, you would have to complete Customs forms.

What if a model breaks or parts are missing when I pack the case for return shipping?

We understand accidents happen. We will replace broken or missing parts at our expense. Please ask your students to handle models carefully, especially the plaster models. You can help us and the next teacher who borrows the case, by letting us know when models are broken or parts are missing. Thank you!

How do I return the case?

Please repack the case and return via UPS or Fed EX. The return address is:

3D Molecular Designs
804 N. Milwaukee St., Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Thank you for your interest in our kits and models!

If you have other questions, contact us at lendinglibrary@3dmoleculardesigns.com

3DMD Lending Library Disclaimers

There are a limited number of kits available for educators to use in their classrooms. We understand that sometimes cases will arrive past the return date, please contact us at lendinglibrary@3dmoleculardesigns.com to let us know the status of your case(s) and if any issues arise. If you are unable to return borrowed cases, you may become ineligible to use the 3DMD Lending Library in the future.

To prevent cases from going missing, we ask that any request to borrow from the 3DMD Lending Library is made only on your own behalf.