3DMD Genetic Codon Poster©

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Make it easy for your students to see the link between the triplet codon in mRNA and the properties of amino acids.


Easy to see, these laminated posters promote a seamless connection between the triplet codon in mRNA and the chemical property of the amino acid it encodes. 

  • Hydrophobic amino acids are yellow
  • Polar amino acids are white
  • Acidic amino acids are red
  • Basic amino acids are blue
  • Cysteines are green
These Genetic Codon Posters© use the same standard color scheme as 3DMD’s popular Amino Acid Starter Kit©, ß-Globin Folding Kit©, and Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit© to help students develop a lasting understanding of structure and function of amino acids.

The Genetic Codon Chart© is laminated and measures 24” x 30”.
The Genetic Codon Circle© is laminated and measures 30” x 24”.

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