Amino Acid Building Block Models©

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Listen for whispers of “Whoa” as your students notice the water molecules that appear when peptide bonds form!

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Your students will thank you as dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis finally make sense! Students will build two amino acids as they: 

  • Discover the repeating structure of amino acid backbones
  • Create covalent bonds between carbon, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen atoms
  • Explore the CPK color scheme and how bonds and side chains are represented in models
Once you invite them to create peptide bonds, partners make dipeptides that can join other dipeptides for a class-sized polypeptide chain. 3D Molecular Designs and Molymod© have teamed up to make this engaging amino acid model available to our customers.

Amino Acid Building Blocks
Carbon (black)4
Oxygen (red)4
Nitrogen (blue)2
R-Groups Representing Side Chains2
Hydrogen (white)8
Hydrogen Bonds (short white posts)8
Single Covalent Bonds (short, gray, thick post)6
Double Covalent Bonds (long, gray, thin post)6
Link Remover1

Amino Acid Building Block Contents and Assembly Activity

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