Antibody and Antigen Models©

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Your students can immediately grasp antibody binding and specificity with this model in hand.

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Invite your students to take a closer look at one way their immune system defends against infection. The 8.5" antibody and 3.5" antigens are printed in plastic with embedded magnets. Students will:

  • Discover that antibodies recognize and bind to antigens
  • Examine how the antigen binding site is located at the ends of these Y-shaped proteins
  • Explore how binding triggers a variety of immune responses
A perfect companion to the Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©. The antigen and antibody models are based on IGG.pdb.

The 8.5″ antibody and 3.5″ antigens are printed in plastic and should be handled with care. While much less fragile than plaster models, they can break if abused.

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