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Amplify understanding as students model the molecular processes in your pGLO or crime scene labs.

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Are your students curious how Covid or flu tests work? Now they can easily model diagnostics, forensics, and bacterial transformation at the molecular level. Using the color-coded foam nucleotides, students can:

  • Simulate PCR using flanking primers result to copy sequences of interest
  • Investigate how restriction endonucleases are used in DNA cloning
  • Explore the Sanger DNA sequencing method using chain-terminating fluorescent dideoxy nucleotide analogs
Teacher-developed and tested lessons are included in the kit.

Biotechnology Kit©1-Group
Red Adenosine Nucleotides80
Yellow Thymine Nucleotides80
Blue Cytosine Nucleotides80
Green Guanine Nucleotides80
Gray A Nucleotides72
Gray T Nucleotides72
Gray G Nucleotides72
Gray C Nucleotides72
Gray Dideoxy A Nucleotides8
Gray Dideoxy C Nucleotides8
Gray Dideoxy T Nucleotides8
Gray Dideoxy G Nucleotides8
Primer #1 Pieces32
Primer #2 Pieces7
18 Flags1 Bag
Dideoxy Stickers½ Sheet
Membrane Sections5

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