Chromosome Student Modeling Pack©

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A perfect addition to a tutoring center or home study for an individual student.

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Individual students can spend more time at home or in the classroom to explore chromosomes. Foam pieces help students compare the microscopic and molecular scales of genetic information. This pack with free digital resources support learning and let a student show you their understanding.

  • Identify chromosome structure and anatomy
  • Compare mitosis and meiosis
  • Discover the sources of genetic variation through independent assortment and crossing over 
  • Construct Punnett squares with nucleotide sequences to reinforce the nature of alleles
Free digital resources support learning and let students show you their understanding.

Pack Contents
  • Parts to build 2 red homologous chromosomes (14 segments)
  • Parts to build 2 blue homologous chromosomes (14 segments)
  • 8 red chromosome endcaps
  • 8 blue chromosome endcaps
  • 4 red centrome segments
  • 4 blue centromere segments
  • Red pair of scaling graphic connectors (2)
  • Blue pair of scaling graphic connectors (2)
  • 10 red adenine DNA nucleotides
  • 10 yellow thymine DNA nucleotides
  • 10 blue cytosine DNA nucleotides
  • 10 green guanine DNA nucleotides
  • 1 printed sheet with chromosome scaling graphics
  • 1 Punnett square (2 sheets)

Chromosome Student Modeling Pack©

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