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Beautiful as a display but so much more! You can use this model’s magnets to show the virus docking on cells and how antibodies prevent that invasion.

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This evocative SARS CoV-2 coronavirus model is hard to resist. Your students will immediately want to pick this up - and they can as it is 3D printed using a lightweight plastic. Accurate and interactive with embedded magnets, students will: 

  • Identify the spike proteins, viral capsule, and genome of this virus
  • Dock the spike protein onto the ACE2 receptor of the host cell
  • Investigate how antibodies find and attach to the spike protein to prevent the virus from docking
  • Predict how changes may lead to viral variants
Use with our FREE Science of Coronaviruses Series. The model is available in 3 sizes and 2 color schemes.

Model comes with removable base, antibody with a magnet and mini toober RNA viral genome segment.

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