CRISPR Adaptive Immunity Kit©

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Set your students up for successful CRISPR investigations by first exploring how bacteria seek and destroy viral invaders.

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An effective search-and-destroy CRISPR system in bacteria inspired innovation in genetic technology. Your classroom can become a design solutions lab as students discover the role of the Cas9 protein in defending against bacteriophages. With engaging foam pieces and chenille bacteriaphage genomes, your students can:

  • Build the bacteria’s CRISPR array which includes Cas9, a tracr, spacer, and repeats
  • Detect the presence of viral double-stranded DNA
  • Integrate a short fragment of this viral genome into the bacteria’s CRISPR array
  • Express the CRISPR array to create the Cas9 proteins and the guide RNA
Students then transfer their knowledge to the current genetic engineering design solution when they use the Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9© kit.

1-Group Set Contents
  • 1 Purple Virus
  • 2 Purple DNAs
  • 1 Purple RNAs
  • 1 Tan Virus
  • 2 Tan DNAs
  • 1 Tan RNAs
  • 1 Blue Virus
  • 2 Blue DNAs
  • 1 Blue RNAs
  • 2 Orange tracr DNAs
  • 3 Orange tracr RNAs
  • 2 White CRISPR/Cas9 DNAs
  • 1 White CRISPR/Cas9 RNA
  • 3 White & Gray CRISPR/Cas9 Proteins
  • 8 Black Repeat DNAs
  • 4 Black Repeat RNAs
  • 2 Red Leader DNAs
  • 3 Viral DNA Chenille Stems

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CRISPR Adaptive Immunity Kit© 1-Group Set Contents

CRISPR Adaptive Immunity Kit© 2-Group Set Contents

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