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DNA Function Webinar

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  • Mistakes were Made: Modeling DNA Replication Errors
  • The Importance of Being Modified!


Mistakes were Made: Modeling DNA Replication Errors
Explore the incredible versatility of the Flow of Genetic Information Kit© and how using this kit in stages makes it a year-round asset. We will zoom in on one aspect of the kit to examine how students can use their model to make predictions and explain changes in genetic information. - Sherry Annee, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, Indianapolis, IN
The Importance of Being Modified!
Hear Tim’s story about the process of science, and how we went from noticing pseudouridine in the 1970’s – to understanding how this base modification was the key to functional mRNA vaccines in 2021. We have to wonder if we have missed something important while teaching mRNA all these years. Life is complicated… and amazingly interesting. - Tim Herman, PhD, Milwaukee School of Engineering & 3D Molecular Designs Registration includes a free Nucleotide Student Modeling Pack©.

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