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DNA Structure Webinar

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  • Discovering DNA: Brief 153-year history of DNA (in 40 minutes)
  • Why DNA & RNA?


Discovering DNA: Brief 153-year history of DNA (in 40 minutes)
Join us as we look at the history of DNA and learn how to model the scientific process with students in the classroom. DNA was initially isolated in 1869, but its relevance wasn’t determined until the 1940’s. Why did it take so long? The scientific process takes time, but the painstaking work has led to an entirely new world. - Mark Arnholt, Hartford Union High School, Hartford, WI
Why DNA & RNA?
Let’s think about how we can start emphasizing the why in our teaching …. and as a result, make science more memorable for our students. Instead of just having students identify the differences in DNA and RNA, use models to help them understand the evolutionary reasons for the differences. - Tim Herman, PhD, Milwaukee School of Engineering & 3D Molecular Designs Registration includes a free Double Helix Student Modeling Pack©.

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