Flow of Genetic Information Kit©

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With three foundational concepts that students can model, this kit is a favorite in the classroom.

⚠  Warning


The Central Dogma of Biology makes sense when your students can make it happen right before their eyes. Don’t be surprised if someone blurts “Now I get it!” while using this kit. You can also purchase the Side Chain Expansion Pack or use the side chains from the Amino Acid Starter Kit© to add even more authenticity and connections!

  • Identify essential enzymes like helicase and polymerase 
  • Model replication of the leading and lagging strands of DNA
  • Explore transcription as they copy one strand of DNA into mRNA using an RNA polymerase
  • Engage in translation/protein synthesis as they decode the mRNA into protein on the ribosome placemat
  • Reenact the different results of the Meselson and Stahl experiments

Flow of Genetic Information Kit©
1 DNA Replication Placemat (12” x 19”)
1 Transcription Placemat (12” x 19”)
1 Translation Placemat (12” x 19”)
2 DNA Polymerase Ovals
1 Transcription Bridge
Sticky-Back Foam
3 Pieces of Orange Sticky-Back Foam for Replication Placemat
5 Pieces of Red Sticky-Back Foam for Transcription Placemat
3 Pieces of Purple Sticky-Back Foam for Translation Placemat
4 Pieces of Gray Sticky-Back Foam for Polymerase Ovals
1 Sheet of Stickers
2 DNA Sequence Maps (I and II)
2 RNA Sequence Maps (I and II)
9 Tan tRNA Molecules
1 Tan Release Factor
10 White Amino Acids
DNA Nucleotides
40 Red Adenine 24 Gray Adenine
40 Yellow Thymine 24 Gray Thymine
40 Blue Cytosine 24 Gray Cytosine
40 Green Guanine 24 Gray Guanine
RNA Nucleotides
10 Red Adenine
10 White Uracil
10 Blue Cytosine
10 Green Guanine

Please allot approximately 45 minutes to assemble the first kit and 30 minutes for each additional kit (if you have more than one).

Colors may fade. Consider storing foam kits in a dark location such as a closet, cabinet or drawer.

Flow of Genetic Information Kit© Side Chain Expansion Pack
2 Cysteine
2 Histidine
1 Isoleucine
1 Glutamic Acid
1 Methionine
1 Proline
1 Red Clip
1 Blue Clip
2 Green Clips
2 White Clips
4 Yellow Clips

(These side chains can also be found in the Amino Acid Starter Kit©.)

Flow of Genetic Information Kit© Replacement Nucleotide Set
DNA Nucleotides
40 Red Adenine, 40 Yellow Thymine, 40 Blue Cytosine, 40 Green Guanine
RNA Nucleotides
10 Red Adenine, 10 White Uracil, 10 Blue Cytosine, 10 Green Guanine

Flow of Genetic Information Kit© tRNA Expansion Pack
3 sheets of brown generic tRNAs
1 sheet of white amino acids
1 sheet of blank optional sticker

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Flow of Genetic Information Kit© Contents

Flow of Genetic Information Kit© Assembly Directions


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