Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©

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Your students can connect protein synthesis to blood sugar regulation as they fold their own insulin model.

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Insulin is an ideal protein to engage your students in homeostasis and protein synthesis, including post-translational processing of a protein. Students will:

  • Analyze a bioinformatics map to determine the nucleotide sequence
  • Explore how mRNA is translated into a precursor form
  • Discover how the precursor form is processed 
  • Fold the final, functional protein
Laminated maps, including a teacher mRNA map, are included. This is a perfect follow-up activity after students have used the Amino Acid Starter Kit© and the Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene©.

Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©1-Group
Laminated Insulin Mini Toober Folding Map136
Laminated Student mRNA Map136
Laminated Teacher mRNA Map111
Mini Toobers (orange and purple)2612
Parts Bag136
Plastic Side Chains61836
Green Plastic Clips61836
Support Posts3918
Red Endcaps2612
Blue Endcaps2612
Red Markers61836
Yellow Markers41224
Strip of White Dots136

Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©-6 Group Set Contents  

Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©-3 Group Set Contents

Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©-1 Group Set Contents

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