Membrane Student Modeling Pack©

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A perfect addition for tutoring centers or home study.

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Students can individually explore cell membranes and the role of transport proteins in moving ions and small molecules. Students will:

  • Compare and contrast models of phospholipids
  • Discover the spontaneous formation of cell membranes
  • Create a micelle and liposome potential for drug delivery
  • Explore dehydration synthesis reaction in a triglyceride or phospholipid
  • Identify and simulate the function of proteins involved in membrane transport
  • Investigate passive and active transport
  • Simulate how a cell maintains ionic balance
Free digital resources support learning and let students show you their understanding.

Pack Contents

  • 30 yellow phospholipids
  • 10 white water molecules
  • 10 blue sodium ions
  • 10 purple potassium ions
  • 2 printed sheets with membranes, channels and small molecules
  • 6 brads
  • 5 pairs of foam channel sides

Membrane Student Modeling Pack©

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