Mighty Model Channel Protein Collection©

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Intrigue your students by demonstrating how heavy metal mercury and scorpion and salamander toxins prevent water, potassium, and sodium from moving in and out of cells by blocking channel proteins.

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Introducing our new 3D print Mighty Model Channel Protein Collection©. You and your students will love that Mighty Models are bigger and better than our previous mini models. Best of all they are less likely to break! When using these interactive models and following a phenomenon-driven molecular story, your students will explore - and finally grasp - how water and ions move in and out of cells. They'll also explore the selectivity factors of each channel, and using our new augmented reality enhancements, they'll dive deeper into the structure of each channel. Best when your students use or review the Amino Acid Starter Kit© and Phospholipid & Membrane Transport Kit©. Aquaporin Mighty Model

  • Your students will investigate how aquaporin allows water to move in and out of cells while exploring a case study where heavy metal, mercury, blocks the water channel
Potassium Ion Channel Mighty Model
  • Invite your students to take a closer look at how toxins like Charybdotoxin (scorpion toxin) bring movement across potassium ion channels to a standstill while learning about the mechanisms that regulate potassium ion concentration
Sodium Ion Channel Mighty Model
  • Your students will explore how organisms, such as salamanders, use Tetrodoxin (TTX) to protect themselves from predators while determining how sodium ion channels help maintain an action potential

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