Neuromuscular Synapse Poster©

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Your students will visit this engaging poster over and over, deepening their curiosity each time.


Glimpse how the hundred trillion cells in our brains make things happen. This captivating watercolor poster leads students through the molecular interactions found at neuromuscular synapse at one million times magnification. Students will:

  • Explore the connection between a nerve cell and a muscle
  • Examine vesicles filled with the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, fuse with the membrane of the pre-synaptic axon
  • Follow acetylcholine where it diffuses across the synaptic space to bind to acetylcholine receptors of the muscle cell
  • Discover acetylcholinesterase entangled in the synaptic space, where it breaks down excess acetylcholine
This 23” x 30” laminated poster is a natural complement to the Synapse Construction Kit©. David S. Goodsell, PhD, scientist, author and artist of all things small, creates cellular landscapes that accurately illustrate the size, shape, and distribution of proteins in their natural environment of the cell. These unique watercolor images connect the molecular world, inferred by X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy, with the cellular world, observed by light and electron microscopy.

The Neuromuscular Synapse Poster measures 23” x 30”.

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