Neuron Modeling Kit©

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Get your students’ own neurons firing with these models.

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Building neurons invites your students to consider how the chemical and electrical signals in their brains are transported. Constructing neurons with various sized models let students:

  • Distinguish between multipolar, bipolar, unipolar neurons and interneurons
  • Add myelin sheath pieces to explore two types of neuroglia in our nervous systems
  • Examine the overall effect on neuronal firing at excitatory and inhibitory synapses
These elegantly designed models allow students to create a network of neurons and develop questions about structure and function. A perfect complement to the Synapse Construction Kit© for any study of cell communication or neuroscience concepts.

Neuron Modeling Kit©1-Group Set
Large Neuron Models (10 pieces for assembly)2
Large Schwann Cells (Velcro pieces)10
Multipolar Neurons2
Bipolar Neuron1
Unipolar Neuron1
Small Schwann Cells10
Sheet of Nuclei Stickers1

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Neuron Modeling Kit©-1 Group Set Contents

Neuron Modeling Kit© Assembly Directions

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