Physical & Chemical Properties of Water Webinar

  • Wet Your Appetite for Learning with the Water Kit©!
  • Aquaporin Channels


Wet Your Appetite for Learning with the Water Kit©!
Jim Lane, Mahtomedi High School Whether breaking bonds, dissolving NaCl or exploring states of matter your students will be captivated by the magnetic Water Kit©. The versatile kit will engage students in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, earth science or physical science and its usefulness spans, from middle and high school to college.
Aquaporin Channels
Tim Herman, PhD, Director, Center for BioMolecular Modeling Explore the structure of aquaporin channels and how they allow water to pass through membranes. Hear how the exploding frog egg experiment led Peter Agre’s lab to realize that the mystery protein was indeed a water channel. A few years later, this work resulted in a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Dr. Agre.
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