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Proteins Webinar

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  • Demystifying Protein Dimensionality & Exploring Enzymes
  • Protein Folding Problem Nevermore


Demystifying Protein Dimensionality & Exploring Enzymes
Are your students confused about protein structure and its relationship to its function? In this hands-on, interactive session, explore how proteins get their dimensionality. Then focus on enzymes, their active sites, and which factors limit enzyme activity. Finally, learn some tips to aid your students in interpreting results from the catalase lab. Extend your students' learning with these NGSS, AP, or IB consistent lessons. - Ruth Hutson, MSSE, Blue Valley High School, Randolph, KS
Protein Folding Problem Nevermore
Learn about the recent use of AI to solve the "protein folding problem". Now that everything has changed … shouldn’t we change what we teach? Explore protein structure and function of Tim’s favorite proteins. - Tim Herman, PhD, Milwaukee School of Engineering & 3D Molecular Designs Registration includes a free Protein Student Modeling Pack©.

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