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SMART Teams 2023 Registration

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Guide students on a molecular journey to further their interest in biomolecular science!


SMART Teams is a program for students driven by their interest in diving deeper into biomolecular science. In SMART Teams, students research, develop, create, and present a 3D model that tells a structure-function story. Each SMART Team explores a molecular structure in Jmol, a molecular visualization program, then simplifies how the protein is visually displayed to highlight its key features. Teams then work with 3D Molecular Designs to 3D print the molecular structure so they can see the structure come to life.  No SMART Team is complete without an advisor to guide the students on their molecular journey. Learn how to start a team and mentor them using provided materials. Start a SMART Team to drive students to engage with their inner curiosity!  3D Molecular Designs supports SMART Teams with: 

  • Support from 3DMD SMART Teams Coordinator Mark Arnholt    
  • Guidance from Mark Hoelzer, Director of Material Development, on designing and 3D printing the molecular structure researched by your team   
  • Access to newly developed resources to help guide teams through the process   
  • The opportunity to take their team to the DiscoverBMB conference this spring 
After registering for your team, you will receive an email with a form so we can learn more about you and your SMART Team.   If you support more than one SMART Team or would like to order additional models for your team, please include the “Additional Model” in your order.  *Please note only one SMART Team per school can attend the DiscoverBMB conference. There is an additional $100 charge for attending the conference. At DiscoverBMB, SMART Teams present their structure at the undergraduate poster sessions. Teams can explore the rest of the conference and learn more about the latest research findings in the molecular life sciences. 

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