Substrate Specificity Kit©

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Puzzling promotes sensemaking when students engineer an enzyme’s active site.

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Your students can model the highly-specific interaction between a substrate and an enzyme. Students can: 

  • Build a substrate and identify its chemical properties
  • Fold a mini toober to create an active site for that substrate 
  • Discover subtle changes in enzyme structure that can impact substrate binding
You can even explore the various types of specificity, including stereochemical specificity and absolute specificity.

Substrate Specificity Kit©1-Group Set
3-Foot Mini Toober1
6-Foot Mini Toober1
Blue Functional Group1
Red Functional Group1
White Functional Group1
Yellow Functional Groups2
4-Hole Sphere1
2-Hole Sphere and Post1
Metal Clips5
Sheet of Colored Clip Labels1
Sets of Red and Blue End Caps2

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Substrate Specificity Kit© Contents

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