The Data Dilemma©

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Challenge your students to consider how science works by puzzling out solutions.

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“I wonder if,” and “What about,” will be part of your students’ discourse as they think like scientists with this nature of science activity. Students use the geometric shapes to create a single model. As more data becomes available, students revise their thinking, and their models. Students will:

  • Arrange tangram pieces to represent an initial conceptual model or explanation
  • Receive new information that expands or challenges their initial model
  • Experiment with multiple solutions to include the new data 
  • Apply this iterative process to examples of classic scientific advances and theories
A perfect beginning of the school year activity to practice asking questions, working collaboratively, and designing and revising models.

The Data Dilemma© comes as a 12-puzzle set. Each set comes with 6 tangram pieces.

The Data Dilemma©-12 set group Contents

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