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Have fun and figure out complex chemistry concepts with this essential kit for student-driven inquiry.

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Polarity is unforgettable after modeling with these engaging magnetic molecules. Students love figuring out molecular attractions and repulsions, providing a springboard to more complex chemistry concepts. When using this kit, students can:

  • Investigate the polarity of water molecules
  • Explore ionic, covalent, and hydrogen bonds
  • Experiment with adhesion, cohesion, and capillary action
  • Identify and model states of matter
  • Demonstrate changes in volume between liquid and solid water
  • Build different types of ice
  • Simulate solubility with sodium and chloride ions
  • Build ethane and ethanol to observe interactions with water
Considered the gateway kit for students to develop model literacy, this is a great beginning of the year activity. Rigorous and engaging materials that provoke and inspire invite all students to the learning.

Water Kit© Contents Per Cup

  • 24 Oxygen* Pieces (Used to Assemble 12 Water Molecule Models)
  • 24 Hydrogen* Pieces (Used to Assemble 12 Water Molecule Models)
  • 1 Chloride* (Chlorine) Model
  • 1 Sodium* Model
  • 2 Carbon Pieces (Used to Assemble 1 Ethane Model)
  • 6 Hydrogen** Pieces without Magnets (Used to Assemble 1 Ethane Model)
  • 1 Post (Used to Assemble 1 Ethane Model)
  • 1 Hydroxyl* Group Model (Preassembled)

*North and south poles on embedded magnets simulate the partially positive and negative charges of oxygen and hydrogen atoms, and chloride and sodium ions.

**The hydrogen pieces for the ethane model do not include embedded magnets, since ethane is nonpolar.

Water Kit© Contents & Assembly

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