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Water & Membranes Webinar

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  • Keep Your Head Above Water: Constructing & Crossing Cell Membranes
  • Transmembrane Proteins: Transporting Potassium


Keep Your Head Above Water: Constructing & Crossing Cell Membranes
Explore the polar nature of water molecules and the properties of phospholipids to set the stage for students to construct their understanding of the structure and function of cell membranes and transport with engaging models. - Kim Parfitt, 3D Molecular Designs, Boise, ID
Transmembrane Proteins: Transporting Potassium
Learn about the features of transmembrane proteins – alpha helices – and how their structure is particularly well-suited to span membranes. Explore the potassium channel as an example of a transmembrane protein that specifically transports potassium ions… but not sodium ions. - Tim Herman, PhD, Milwaukee School of Engineering & 3D Molecular Designs Registration includes a free Water Student Modeling Pack© and a free Membrane Student Modeling Pack©.

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